Action Centred Leadership

1-2 days workshop

Since the actions of an effective leader can be observed and defined, then the ability to

lead can be trained and developed.

Objectives are:

Understand the role of the leader.

Explore areas of strength and analyze those requiring development.

Recognize the needs of a situation and leadership actions that can lead to success.

Practice leadership techniques which enable individuals to contribute fully to their

team’s ability to achieve tasks.

Compile an action plan to take back to the work situation.

Who should attend?

Team leaders,  first line managers, supervisors and all team members.


Key features:

Practical: provide participants with practical tools to apply.

Participative: all encouraged to express, discuss and reflect.

Relevant: provide real and relevant examples.

Action-Oriented: participants will commit themselves to specific actions upon return to their workplace.

VARIED: combines presentations, discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises

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