Basic Surgical Skills

Registration and Refreshments

Introduction and statement of course objective, Assessment overview

Gowning and Gloving

Double gloving gown /glove removal


One – handed reef knot and instrument tie

Knots (continued)

Surgeons knot and tying at depth

Handling instruments

Scissors, hemostats, forceps and scalpel

Suturing techniques

Needle and incisions

Ligation /Transfixion

Pedicle Transfixion, continuity tie, pedicle tie


-Laparoscopy Principles

-Reprise of knots tying

Common faults

-Abdominal closure and drain insertion

1-Aberdeen knot

2-The art of assisting


-Tissue Handling 3

1-Vascular surgery principles

2-Vein patch exercise ( assisted)

-Wound Management 1

1-Abscess draining ( no assistance)

2-Skin suture OSAT

-Wound Management 2

Deriding a traumatic wound


-Introduction to Generic Endoscopic Surgery

1-Principles of camera Technique. depth cueing, 2-fulcrum effect

-Box Trainers

Exercise: placing peas in a pot, stacking sugar, cubes, cutting a glove, putting mints on a string and tying knots on a skin pad

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