Basic therapeutic nutritional assessment

Basics of Medical Nutrition Therapy





Nowadays, diet therapy has a vital position in the field of health care, where the medical care services has strong connection with drugs and diet therapy, which gives more and more importance to diet therapy as an essential contributor in all field of health care, especially in hospitals and medical center. And that gives this program its importance to introduce the concept and skills in this field.



At the end of this training program, the participants will be able to understand:

- Nutrition concepts.  

- To differentiate between diet types in hospitals.   

- To study the medical cases and dealing with by nutrition.             

-The skills of meeting and educating the patients in term of nutrition.       



Dimension of training program


- The essential nutritional elements sources and importance.         

Nutrition pyramid and components.-            

- Identifying the type of meals in hospitals and time of serving.                  

- Recognizing the common medical cases and the suitable diet therapy.

- How to plan diets for certain and critical cases such as diabetic, kidney, etc.

- Basics and skills of meeting the patients.



The training aims to bridge between the current situation and what we hope, and giving the participants the chance to gain knowledge and experience to develop their capacities throw the following strategies:


-Brain storming.         

-Visual show (video).

- Reading and extra cases.

- Discussion.

- Case studying.

- Individual and group exercising.

- Individual and group evaluation.     



Two Days

12 Training hours .

Target: the graduate of nutrition and who want to work in this field.











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