Communication skills

Communication Skills

Communication Skills and Customer Service workshop is one the most important workshops that is given at the Specialty Hospital/ The Specialty Training Center, mainly focus on the effective communication with patients, customers, clients on one hand, and with staff between them on the other hand, which adds comfort and reassurance to the work environment and so the employee can provide the services in a distinctive and effective way.

Since that patients and customer satisfaction, happiness is the most important goals that any company or hospital is always looking for, we are keen to train staff to strengthen their communication,

Communication skills and customer service workshop is designed to provide the professional, best services


•         Define communication

•         Identify the functional components of communication process

•         Utilize verbal and nonverbal communication

•         Demonstrate assertive communication

•         Identify effective communication

•         Identify barriers to communication

•         Identify the persuasive techniques and the principles of persuasion

•         Define conflict and the causes of conflict

•         Identify the types of client's personality

•         Identify factors that influence responses to conflict

To add fun to the workshop we include:

Games that are related to communication skills notion,

Useful exercises based on the same subject.

The use of videos, and also role representation. so that the audience can focus and benefit more and remember the information in an easy and uncomplicated way.

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