CSSD workshop

Aesculap Academy

Aesculap Academy enjoy a world- wide reputation for medical training of physicians, senior nursing staff and staff in OR, anesthesia, ward and hospital management. The CME accredited courses consist of hands – on workshop, management seminars and international symposia. For that the Aesculap Academy was given the Frost & Sullivan award as, Global Medical Professional Education Institution of the year’s three times in succession. The Aesculap Academy courses are of premium quality and accredited by the respective medical societies and international medical associations.




    Day 1


  • Basic microbiology
  • Basic infection control standard precautions
  • Hand hygiene
  • Introduction to the cycle of reprocessing and instrument flow
  • Washer disinfector and ultra sonic cleaner
  • Methods of sterilization


   Day 2       

  • Inspection of instruments
  • Care and maintenance of surgical instruments
  • Packaging and materials used
  • Peal pouches and sealing machines.
  • Aseptic handling of sterile products
  • Rigid sterile packing .
  • Quality and international norms
  • Practical training and implementation


Objective of the training

  • To enhance the knowledge of the persons handling surgical instruments improve the quality and efficiency of sterile goods processing setup East and Africa Region.


Target group

  • Staff of sterile goods supply CSSD facilities



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