Nursing Courses - Dialysis

This course is designed to prepare individuals with the theoretical, technical, and clinical skills needed to maintain equipment and provide patient care to those being treated for chronic renal diseases. 

It is an intensive education for any direct caregiver in the field of hemodialysis. It provides all usual skills required for employment in a dialysis facility. Hemodialysis is a growth industry, offering many employment opportunities.


Course Learning Objectives

  • The normal functions of the human kidney and the impact of renal impairment.
  • The diagnosis, management and treatment of acute and chronic renal failure.
  • Principles and practice of haemodialysis in acute and chronic renal failure.
  • Vascular access for haemodialysis.
  • Operation and maintenance of haemodialysis and related equipment and Consumables.
  • Operation and maintenance of haemodialysis water treatment plant.
  • The identification and management of haemodialysis medical emergencies.
  • Quality and legal requirements.


Teaching Methods

  • Lectures.
  • Case Study.
  • Clinical Teaching.
  • Journal Club.



Registered Nurses.


Length of the course

6 months.


Course Certificate

After six months of work experience, the trainee will be certified as a Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, certificate will be provided by The Specialty training center/ The Specialty Hospital.

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