Laparoscopic Sim

Fundamental Basic Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS)



This course teaches fundamental knowledge and technical skills to perform laparoscopic surgery. It includes didactic sessions and hands-on skills training. Cognitive topics range from safe peritoneal access and the physiology of the pneumoperitoneum, to the proper use of electrosurgical energy and troubleshooting laparoscopic equipment. Technical skills taught include two-handed manipulation of laparoscopic instruments, managing endo-loops, and intra/extra corporeal suturing and knot tying. The course is intended to prepare surgeons to pass the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS).


Learning objectives

 Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to:

· Describe the instruments and equipment used in laparoscopic surgery

· Identify important intraoperative considerations such as anesthesia and patient positioning                                            

· Discuss the physiology of the pneumoperitoneum

· Outline the processes of access, trocar placement and abdominal examination                                             

· Demonstrate the technique of laparoscopic suturing

· Provide an overview of biopsy techniques and homeostasis

· Summarize the process of exiting the abdomen and the requirements for postoperative care

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