Microbiology training

Laboratory Courses - Experimental Design and Statistical Data Analysis for qPCR

This is a comprehensive course teaching the basics of statistics including the most common methods to analyze univariate as well as multivariate qPCR. The course includes extensive computer based exercises. 

The course contains:

Day 1- Real-time PCR experimental design and basic data processing

Basic principles of statistics. 
Experimental design, selecting reference genes. 
Absolute quantification


Day 2- Statistical analysis of real-time PCR data

Advanced principles of statistics. 
Statistical tests. 
Ability to detect a difference. 
Separate variance contributions. 
Relative quantification, comparison of groups.


Day 3- Gene expression profiling with real-time PCR

Multiplate measurements. 
Introduction to Expression Profiling. 
Data preprocessing. 
Classification methods.


Target Audience

Medium to Advanced qPCR users.


Entrance Qualifications

Hands-on qPCR module or similar.

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