Regional Anesthesia

First Live Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Workshop in Orthopedic Surgeries This workshop will emphasize on the importance of regional anesthesia and pain management during and after surgeries due to its great benefit, proven safety and accuracy. The practice of Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia and pain management is becoming increasingly popular and accepted worldwide by patients and surgeons altogether. 


Who should attend?
This course is directed to health care providers that deal with regional anesthesia and pain management, including but not limited to:


  • Senior and Junior anesthesiologists. 
  • Anesthesia technicians. 
  • General and Orthopedic surgeons.
  •  Emergency physicians.
  • Resident Physicians of various specialties and
  • Nurses


What to expect
The course will include hands-on training sessions, live from operating room procedures, and using up to date instruments and techniques. It will be accompanied by companies that deal with ultrasound and regional anesthesia instruments, and the application of the new and updated U.S. guided techniques and guidelines. 

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